Author Topic: Superhero Hrithik Roshan voted sexiest Asian man in UK  (Read 437 times)


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Superhero Hrithik Roshan voted sexiest Asian man in UK
« on: December 11, 2014, 08:39:43 PM »

Superhero Hrithik Roshan has been voted the sexiest Asian man in UK by a leading tabloid ‘Eastern Eye’ in Britan , Hrithik feels that one’s imperfection does make that person unique and beautiful from others. He also says if people find beauty in their imperfections and they turn their weaknesses into their strength and their life would be beautiful.

The superstar posted on his social networking site, “I am lucky. Not cause I got voted sexiest. Cause I just noticed God gave me a piece of ugly to carry with me to remind myself n others of how beautiful our imperfections make us,”

The actor further added, “My thumb used to repel people in school. Today I am posting it to millions like you who I know are just like me. Beautifully imperfect. Thank you God for this wonderful life. Make your weaknesses your strength. Be proud. U are beautiful. Trust me,”

Last seen in ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik Roshan is preparing for Ashutosh Gowariker's ‘Mohenjo-Daro’.
Source-bollywood mantra