Author Topic: 7 Easy Steps To Do Long Lasting Party Makeup  (Read 800 times)


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7 Easy Steps To Do Long Lasting Party Makeup
« on: January 01, 2015, 04:41:40 PM »

New Year’s Eve is the time for every girl to dress-up, wear the best makeup and grab all the attention at the party. Well, while picking up a gorgeous dress for the party might not be a tough task for you, not all of you would be having the expertise to do a stunning party makeup. The correct kind of makeup is very important to complete your look. Another important thing is that the party makeup is very different from your daily makeup. So, here are some easy tips for you to have the perfect party makeup and keep it lasting for long too.

Prepare for makeup

Wash your face with lukewarm water before using any makeup product. After pat drying, use a moisturiser, depending on your skin type, to avoid dryness. A moisturiser will also create a good base to apply foundation and make it stay longer. Make sure you moisturise your face and neck at least 20 minutes before you begin with your makeup.


Pick a silicone-based foundation to fill the pores. Apply the foundation uniformly all over your face. Do not forget to apply on the neck as well. Special winter foundations are also available these days. They are hydrating for the skin and do not chap or dry up in the cold weather.
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Hair spray

Shabby hair are a strict no for any party. Shabby, unkempt hair can spoil any look instantly. So, once you are done with your hairdo, use a good quality hair spray to keep it in place.
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Eyeshadow and eyeliner

Always use waterproof products for the eyes when it comes to party makeup. These are smudge-proof and last for longer period of time as compared to the regular ones. Spread the eyeshadow uniformly on your eyelids and then apply the eyeliner. Prefer a black or brown coloured liners for the base. Use coloured or glitter eyeliners after applying the base liners.


Prefer a smudge-resistant mascara to give your eyes a 'fresh till the party ends' look. Start applying the mascara brush from the root of your lash line and take it to the tips. Apply a second coat without waiting for the first coat to dry, as it will prevent the formation of clumps. Start the process with upper eyelash and repeat for the lower one.
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Eyebrow liners

Eyebrow liners are a must buy for girls with thin or sparse brows. Well-defined eyebrows not only make your eyes look more beautiful, but they also draw attention for all good reasons. Use the colours that are not very dark and also gel well with your hair colour, so as to avoid an artificial look.
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Lip colour

Liquid lip colour or gloss lasts longer than the plain lipstick. So, pick up the shade that matches with your dress, and you are good to go. Remember to apply a good moisturiser and lip primer before applying the lip colour to get long-lasting results.