Author Topic: Have you lost your Aadhaar Number/Aadhar Card?  (Read 1969 times)


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Have you lost your Aadhaar Number/Aadhar Card?
« on: February 26, 2015, 07:51:32 PM »
When a large section of people who have enrolled for Aadhaar and still waiting for the delivery of their Aadhaar to their address, there are still many among them who have received them but unfortunately lost  or misplaced their received Aadhaar letter somewhere. This might not seem to be a big issue but the number of queries regarding getting or obtaining duplicate Aadhaar letter in place of the lost one really alarms those who are yet to receive their Aadhar card. It would be funny if one could say that you will lose or misplace or even perhaps forget your Aadhaar number after receiving it. But at the same time one must agree with the fact that there is no mystery related with the loss of received Aadhar card.

Coming back to the main point, there is no need to be worry about on loss or misplace of your Aadhaar letter. The UIDAI has made it simple for the residents to retrieve their Aadhaar number. If you have lost or misplaced your Aadhaar card, all you have to do is to contact UIDAI contact centre and the very first step is to try to contact them through their toll-free no. 1800-300-1947. Most of the time the line is too busy to attend your call. If even this doesn’t work then follow the below mentioned points:

Try to contact UIDAI through their toll-free no. 1800-300-1947.
If you know or remember your Aadhaar enrolment number or if you have a copy of the receipt of Aadhar enrollment then your Aadhaar number can be retrieved through it. Your Aadhaar letter will be dispatched again to your address as well as to your e-mail address. You can receive your Aadhaar number through SMS as well if you have registered your mobile no. during the time of enrollment.
Your Aadhaar number will be printed on the card issued by the enrolling registrar.
If you know the registrar name through which you have enrolled for Aadhar and date and time of your Aadhaar enrolment then your Aadhar number could be searched according to your demographic information like your name, date of birth, address, contact number, etc. If your details are found in the system then your Aadhar number will be sent to your address, to your e-mail and to your phone through SMS.
Even if this does not work then you need to visit an Aadhar enrollment centre to ask for a lost Aadhaar letter retrieval.
If none of these works, the most simple is to download E-Aadhaar letter from the website.
Hope these processes might help you to get back your Aadhaar card.
Source - mya adhaar card