1. Take Half to one  cup juice of karela (bitter gourd), it is very effective in  diabetes
  2. Take Neem, Tulsi (basil) and Bel Patra leaves each 10 to 12 leaves and chew in morning and evening. It is very effective in regulating sugar level in blood.
  3. Take 4 -6 teaspoon full of Amla juice daily, it is very helpful in controlling blood sugar .  
  4. Soaked 1 teaspoon full fenugreek seeds (methi) in about a glass of water and left overnight and consume the water with seeds  in morning. 
  5. Boiled Mango tree leaves  in water and take the juice .
  6. Take leaves, seeds and fruit of jamun. It is very help full in preventing diabetes.
  7. Soaked Almonds overnight in water and then consume early morning in empty stomach.
  8. For making chapatti use mixture of flour of wheat, barley and gram. It is useful in preventing diabetic condition.
  9. Taking Soya bean in meal diet is very effective in prevention of diabetes.
  10. Walk in morning and evening  is very helpful for diabetic person.
  11. Diet control by in taking low calorie diet, low fat food and consuming high fibre diet is very effective in prevention of diabetes.
  12. Consume Garlic, ginger and onions. They are best solutions in curing diabetes.
  13. Grind & mimed the 100 gms Fenugreek seeds(methi seeds),  100 gms Cinnamon sticks (daalcheeni), 6 to 8 leaves of  Bay leaves(teej patta), 8 to 10 pcs  Cloves Lauang), 2 table spoon full  Cumin’s Seeds (Jeera), 5 to 6 pcs  Big Cardamum (Badi elachi),  20 - 30 gms  Black Salt (Kala namak), 50 gms  black pepper (kali mirach), 20 gms  Turmeric (Haldi powder) and keep it in dry air tight container. Take one teaspoon full with water in morning & after dinner in night.



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