Abbreviations & Code Center For Railway - Miscellaneous 




ACC Air-Conditioned coach or class
ACP Alarm Chain Pulling
ADEE Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
AE, AEN Assistant Engineer
ALK Allowance in Lieu of Kilometrage
ART Accident Relief Train
ASM Assistant Station Master
AWS Auxiliary Warning System
BG Broad Gauge
B/L Branch Line
BPS Blue Parcel Service
CARS Central Accounting and Reporting System
CC Chair Car
CCTV Closed-Circuit TV
CFTS Chief Freight Traffic Superintendent
CHA Custom House Agent
COIS Coaching Operations Information System
CARTRAC  CONCOR's automobile transport service
CONTRACK  CONCOR's container freight service
CRS Chief Reservations Supervisor

 Commissioner of Rail Safety

CTI Central Training Institute
CTU Centralized Training Unit
C&W Carriage & Wagon
DAL Delhi Avoiding Line
DEE Divisional Electrical Engineer
DFC Dedicated Freight Corridor
DP Duty Pass
DRM Divisional Railway Manager
DSC Dual-stacked containers
EC or ECC Executive Chair Car
EFC Eastern Freight Corridor
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
F Forward journey
FEDL Fully Electrified Double Line
FOIS Freight Operation Information System
FT Foreign Tourist
GAL Goods Avoiding Line
GM General Manager
GRP Government Railway Police
GTKM Gross Tonne KM
HDN High-Density Network
HP Handicapped Persons quota
IBP Intermediate Block Post
ICD Inland Container Depot
I-ASK Inter-Active Status Kiosk
IOH Intermediate Overhaul
IRMP Integrated Railway Modernization Plan
IRS Indian Railway Standard
JOH Junction of Head
LB Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
LHF Long Hood Forward
LI Loco Inspector
LQ Ladies Quota
LV Last Vehicle
MCO Military Control Office
MG Meter Gauge


  MGC Mekong Ganga Cooperation group
MOW Maintenance of Way
MRTC Mobile Radio Train Communication
MTP Metropolitan Transport Project
NG Narrow Gauge
NMG New Maruti Goods


NOSTRAC North-South Transport Corridor
NR 'Not Received'
NTES National Train Enquiry System
NV Non-Vegetarian 
OA Out Agency
OIGS On India Government Service
OSD Officer on Special Duty
PAR Parcel Service
PF Platform 
POH Periodic Overhaul
PQ Pooled Quota
PRS Passenger Reservation System
PSCT Port-side Container Terminal
PWI Permanent Way Inspector
RA Running Allowance
RCC Railway Convention Committee
RJQ Return Journey Quota
RMS Railway Mail Service
ROH Routine Overhaul
ROW Right of Way
RR Railway Receipt, Refreshment Room
RTR Ready-to-Run
RUB Road Under-bridge
S Ch, SF Ch Superfast Charges
SEB State Electricity Board
SHF Short Hood Forward
SIL Safety Integrity Level
SM Station Master
SPURT Self-Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing cars
SRUCC Suburban Rail Users Consultative Committee
SSE Senior Section Engineer
STA Suburban Traffic Avoiding line :
TAAG Trains At A Glance
TBO Town Booking Office
TDR Ticket Deposit Receipt
TGT Train Going To
TRS Traction Rolling Stock
TT Timetable
TQ Tatkal Quota
UB Upper Berth
V Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
VG Vegetarian
VT Victoria Terminus
WL, W/L Waiting List
WM Works Manager
ZDOT Zero Death On Tracks
ZTC Zonal Training Centre