Bladder Stones







     1. In 1 cup of water Boil 2 figs (anjeer)and drink daily.


     2. Mix 10g of pineapple juice, 10g of sugar candy (or misri), and 10g of rose water and let it sit overnight.              Drink the following morning for immediate relief.


     3. Eating watermelon seeds throughout the day can help to break down the bladder stones and flush them            out through urination.


     4.  Mix barley water with cranberry juice for fast treatment of bladder stones.


     5.  Drinking pure apple juice can help break down bladder stones and prevent more for developing.


     6. Citrus juices like orange juice prevent the formation of bladder stones.


     7. Drink plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juices, and coconut water to help flush the bladder stones out             of body system. 



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