6 career myths you shouldn’t fall for


1. A college degree will get you a jobGenerations of students have been told that if they get a college degree, they'll easily find a job afterward. Unfortunately, it's no longer so clear-cut. Degrees no longer open doors the way they used to, and too many new graduates are remaining unemployed or under-employed for months or even years, as employers opt for more experienced candidates. This is frustrating and confusing for graduates, who often feel that they did everything they were supposed to and they're not getting the pay-off they were promised would come. 2. Do what you're passionate about and the money will followIn reality, not all passions match up with the realities of the job

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नूडल्स के पकौडे़ – Noodles Pakore
February 21, 2017

नूडल्स और पकौडे़ दोनो ही सभी को बहुत पसंद आते हैं. दोनो की जुगलबंदी से बने नूडल्स पकौडे़ एक अलग और टेस्टी स्नैक है जो खाने में बहुत

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